What is Myth’s Net Worth? Discover the journey Behind his Success

What is Myth’s net worth?

Ali Kabbani, alias “Myth,” is a renowned American content creator, known for his successful Twitch streams and YouTube videos.

As a professional gamer and streamer, Myth has captivated millions with his impressive skills and charismatic personality.

Myth has amassed a fortune and has had a great impact on the gaming industry within a short period.

Ali Kabbani, alias Myth is one of the youngest streamers with an approximate net worth of approximately $5 million.

Before diving into the streamer’s journey to financial freedom, let us look at his history.

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Who is Myth?

Ali Kabbani, alias “Myth,” is a professional gamer and streamer.

He was born on May 24, 1999, in Michigan, USA.

He gained popularity rapidly in 2017 with his exceptional Fortnite gameplay.

As a result, he became one of the most recognized figures in the gaming community.

Myth had his family’s support through his career journey.

He began streaming on Twitch earlier in 2016, gaining a massive following due to his strategic skills and engaging personality.

His focus on gaming resulted in a successful career, thus making him an inspirational figure for many aspiring gamers.

What is Myth’s net worth?

Myth has amassed an estimated net worth of over $5 million.

This accounts for his multiple income sources, including; Twitch subscriptions, YouTube revenue, sponsorship deals, and merchandise sales.


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Twitch subscriptions

With over 7.6 million followers on Twitch, which earns him a significant revenue contributing to his net worth.

His income on Twitch is mainly through subscriptions and donations made by his loyal fans.

YouTube revenue

Myth’s YouTube channel has over 4.7 million followers making it a major revenue source.

Here he updates his highlights of gameplay videos and vlogs regularly.

By so doing, he attracts millions of viewers to his channel, increasing his watch hours on the platform.

The higher the number of views and clicks his videos receive, the higher his earnings generated from YouTube.

Sponsorship deals

Myth earns income through brand deals with gaming, tech, and lifestyle companies.

He earns his revenue through promoting products like gaming peripherals, energy drinks, and also tech gadgets.

This partnership mainly includes payments, free products, and sometimes a share of sales through affiliate links.

Merchandise sales

Myth earns from selling branded merchandise including clothing, accessories, and gaming gear among his popular fans.

These sales boost his income and help build his brand contributing significantly to his net worth.


Myth’s journey to success is a testament to his passion and dedication to his skills.

He had a strong foundation in gaming as well as supportive parents.

This has made him a prominent figure in the gaming community as he continues to inspire many fans and aspiring gamers.

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