Like Nastya’s Net Worth

What is Like Nastya’s net worth? Imagine a minor with a net worth that is estimated to be $38 million!

Anastasia Sergeyevna Radzinskaya, alias “Like Nastya,” is a Russian-American online streamer.

She owns multiple social media accounts, including YouTube, TikTok, and even Instagram.

Despite her young age, she has amassed a multimillion-dollar net worth through her parent-friendly creative content online.

As a result, she has risen to be the wealthiest child online influencer in the online streaming community.

Nastya’s journey to success has not been that easy for her.

Here in this guide, you will learn about her background, career life, life encounters, and, most of all, how she overcame them, thus becoming one of the wealthiest child streamers.

An image of Anastasia Sergeyevna Radzinskaya alias Like Nastya.
How much is Like Nastyas’s net worth? (Source: Instagram).

Who is Like Nastya?

Before we go through Like Nastya’s net worth, let us first look into the details of who she is.

Anastasia Sergeyevna Radzinskaya, alias Like Nastya, is a Russian-American-based online streamer.

She was born on January 27, 2014, in Krasnodar Krai, southern Russia.

She had her loving parents, Sergey and Anna Radzinskaya.

Her mother owned a bridal salon in Krasnodar, while her father owned a small construction company.

However, they sold their companies in 2015. By 2016, they had opened a YouTube channel and named it “Like Nastya.”

They later relocated to Miami, Florida, in 2018.

Anastasia Sergeyevna Radzinskaya has a little sister, Stacy, who often appears in her YouTube videos as well.

While growing up, Like Nastya was wrongfully diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

This led to a lack of hope in her ability to speak again, according to her doctors.

Like Nastya’s career life

Anastasia Sergeyevna Radzinskaya, commonly known through her online streaming and creative content, “Like Nastya,”  began in 2016.

Her career was influenced by her parents, who had created a YouTube channel under her alias “Like Nastya.”

During this period, her parents used to record and upload videos of her while she played with toys as well as other fun activities.

Her charm and adorable personality made her gain popularity rapidly compared to her sister Stacy.

Currently, like Nastya, YouTube has several YouTube channels with over 17 million subscribers.

They include “Like Nastya,” “Like Nastya Show,” and “Like Nastya Vlog.”

Her content varies from fun activities such as playing with toys, cooking, traveling, and even engaging in traditional activities.

This makes it possible for her content to be more appealing to both parents and children.

Other than her collaboration with fellow YouTubers such as Ryan Kaji, she has been involved in charitable events such as the “Charity Concert for Children with Autism.”


At her tender age, Like Nastya has already made remarkable success.

To begin with, she has achieved multiple YouTube creator awards, such as Diamond Play Buttons, with over 10 million subscribers.

She has gained much popularity, ensuring she always keeps her audience entertained.

Regardless, her fame is expected to rise even further as her success serves as an inspiration to young content creators.

Additionally, it is a testament to the power of social media in today’s evolving world.

What is Like Nastya’s current net worth?

An image of Like Nastya
Like Nastya (Source: Instagram)

Regardless, Like Nastya being a minor and her income being handled by her parents, her current net worth is estimated to be $38 million.

This makes her one of the wealthiest child influencers in the online community.

Her wealth stems from advertising revenue on YouTube channels, TikTok, Instagram, and brand endorsements.

With over 114million viewers on her channels, Nastya’s main channel is ranked the 5th most viewed channel


With over 3.9 million followers on YouTube, makes a great contribution to her total net worth.

Revenue is generated through YouTube advertising revenue.

Having over a billion viewers helps her create a substantial income from YouTube thanks to her numerous views.

Did you know that she was ranked #6 on Forbes’ list of the highest-paid YouTube stars in 2022, earning a whopping $28 million that year?

Instagram and TikTok

She has over 7.7 million followers on TikTok and 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

She has an engagement rate of approximately 5 % on TikTok and 1.5% on Instagram.

This enables her to generate income through posts on these platforms.

Brand Endorsement

Nastya is a popular child YouTuber.

As a result, she has secured a lucrative brand endorsement as well as sponsorships.

This, in turn, has contributed significantly to her net worth


Like Nastya is one of the fastest-growing online creators.

This is all thanks to her videos, which are available in various languages.

Despite her young age, she has accomplished much through her persistence and her hope to achieve more.

Her fame is quite an inspiration to many young content creators, as they can also attain their goals with determination and perseverance.


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