Kaceytron’s Net Worth: A Deep Look Into the Streamer’s Earnings

KaceyTron, whose real name is Kacey Caviness, is an American Twitch streamer known for her humorous gaming streams. KaceyTron’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000 currently.

But how does she make her money? Follow me in this guide as we look into the earnings of KaceyTron.

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Who is KaceyTron?

KaceyTron was born on December 19, 1990 in in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

KaceyTron is a well-known American content creator and Twitch streamer.

She is currently 33 years old.

Her real name is Kacey Caviness.

Although she is most often online streaming, she rarely discloses her personal information; hence, most of his personal information is hidden.

Career life

Kacey joined the gaming world in 2013 at a tender age.

She has made a name for herself in the gamer’s world by streaming popular games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft at exceptionally high levels.

As a professional female gamer, she has achieved significant recognition in the competitive gaming community.

She is the founder of the WMLG (Women’s Major League Gaming).

You can check her YouTube and Twitch profiles where she often interacts with her fans mostly.

She is also famous because of her several controversies with fellow streamers.

In 2020, Kaceytron was banned indefinitely on Twitch for making an offensive joke about the coronavirus pandemic on the live Rajj Show.

What is KaceyTron’s net worth?

Currently, KaceyTron’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000.

The main source of her wealth is from streaming on Twitch and ads on her YouTube channel.

On Twitch, she has around 553k followers and more than 1,900 subscribers, which can bring up to approximately $4,750 in revenue per month from subscriptions.

She is also an Amazon Affiliate and operates her own merchandise store.

From the above, it is evident that she is not only entertaining her viewers but also making a decent living from her online presence.

Remember that the net worth is just an estimate note the actual one.


With her humor, wit, and top-notch gaming skills, Kaceytron has carved a unique space for herself in the streaming world.

Whether you are a longtime fan or just discovering her channel, you can openly confirm her impact on the online audience.

If you have not done so, check out her latest streams, and see for yourself why Kaceytron is a force to be reckoned with in the online entertainment world.

Thank you for reading.

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